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Beauty Amidst Brokenness

“If a man looks in the right places, he’ll find an escape.”

Over two hundred years ago a brilliant author wrote: “These are the times that try men’s souls.” The same could be said of a winter as troublesome as this one. As the great outdoors turns to ice, the soul shrivels; even in a warm, comfortable house a man feels the grip of isolation. As the frozen nights pass, this man’s small, contained world becomes a purgatory, with no escape. 

It’s where our “new normal” meets the increasing need for release and satisfaction. To achieve those goals we must be inventive, but there is always a path to pleasure. For that, many men want a guide. I am that guide. If you let me, I will lead you to a hot, sexy world far from winter.  

Adjusting to the plagues of the world is always dangerous; that is especially true in times like these. When life feels too chaotic, it’s good to get away for an hour or two and escape into a parallel universe. This parallel world should be a place of beauty, excitement, and sensual satisfaction. It must push a man to the heights of passion, sparking fires that flare up for an incredible moment, then smolder. This provides fuel for his days, dreams for his nights, and all the confidence he needs.   

In a long winter like this one you might want regular meetings. These trysts will erase all anxieties and leave you ready to face the winter shadows. You will then find hope in slowly lengthening days and recognize future possibilities in the first small signs of melting. In your rejuvenated state, you will find the road to a brighter, warmer outlook.  

Call me, and I will remind you of the unique beauty awaiting you in the world of sensuality. Whether we share a brief hour, or a relaxing, leisurely two hours, together we can explore that world, and many of its sweetest pleasures.  

With an understanding of pleasures and pitfalls, I have designed an experience that combines sensuality with safety. In our sessions I am always enforcing my COVID-19 protocols in ways that are as seamless as possible. When we both feel safe, we will then be free to probe the limits of our desires. I hope you will join me. 

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