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Sensual Connection Infused with
Tantric Pleasure

“If a man looks in the right places, he’ll find an escape.”

This past winter our lives changed radically almost overnight. Suddenly our personal worlds shrank, leaving us at home with our screens, phones, and other electronic lifelines to the world. Though the official shutdowns are now gradually ending, as summer winds to a close we still face severe limits on our activities and behaviors. Masks, distancing, and working at home are now permanent fixtures in our lives. In such a world we must find ways to make room  for sensual pleasures. The thing many of us miss most is the emotional pleasure of being with other people physically. Our bodies, spirits, and minds yearn for the sweet satisfactions of sensual touch. We crave something we always took for granted: sensual connectivity. 

I miss the connectivity of physical touch, and I’ve designed a way to bring it back into our lives. For years my work has helped me connect with gentlemen through the arts of physical touch. In our meetings we’ve shared warm intimacies and the pure pleasure of physical contact. These meetings leave my gentleman friends and I feeling fulfilled, with our desires satisfied. 

Even when the world was normal, modern men were adjusting to new roles and new behaviors. As their lives are redefined, many men find themselves wondering who they are supposed to be, and where they stand in society’s pecking order. When we add social isolation and loneliness to this mix, a man can easily begin to lose hope, and doubt his own future. This kind of fundamental doubt leaves a man wondering whether he can still live up to the demands of his masculinity. If you are such a man, I want to assure you: You can. 

One way to do this is to take a careful step into a healthful place where you will find ease and restoration. I am offering interested gentlemen the deeply sensual pleasures of a massage based on physical touch. As we explore our physical pleasure points, we will also share a profound emotional connection. Along with this I can also add stimulating conversation, rooted in personal trust. This reciprocity creates a space where men can safely assert their masculinity. Let me lighten your burdens as we adapt to changes in our new world.  It is my special way of reminding good gentlemen of all the pleasures life has to offer. 

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