The Sweet Sensuality of Spring

As warmth finally fills the air we sometimes celebrate the season by suddenly demanding too much from our muscles, bones, and bodies. We go out in the morning to dig in the garden, or play that first game of tennis, and then by evening our bodies are too bruised and raw for other pursuits. The night we had counted on for relaxation and pleasure turns into hours of pain interrupted by fitful sleep.  

There’s a simple reason for this. As winter came on we adopted the habits of cold weather, exercised less, and sat in one place for far too long. At the same time life went on, and we occupied ourselves with our normal work with all its irritations and stress. Bosses and clients were still demanding the same work, and the business still needed the same attention, creating new pressures and obligations every day.  

In the summer you might take a vacation, or spend weekend in the great outdoors. You might hike, golf, or play tennis in the open air, but right now you have a whole winter of stress built up inside you. Despite the clear, warm days, you find you’re not sleeping well, or perhaps you see your blood pressure slowly climbing. Your muscles are stiff, and your whole being feels the dull fatigue of constant physical and mental tension. 

This is when your stressed-out body really needs a tune-up. A younger person may need it simply to recharge, and grow ever stronger, while someone who is older might want to preserve or improve particular skills, such as keeping good posture, or maintaining balance.  

One of the best ways to start a warm weather renewal is to visit to a masseuse trained in the arts of sensual relaxation. If you are in this predicament, you may be one of those people whose greatest needs for sensual touch and healing come in spring and early summer. This is when I see so many clients start their sessions with knots and tender spots all over. It is also the time of year when I’m so often rewarded by the sight of these people regaining their strength, vitality, and their ability to appreciate life’s most sensual pleasures.    

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