Entering Spring — A Time To Renew Your Sense Of Well-being

Waking up to the sunlit promise of a spring day can be the perfect prelude to a relaxing sensual massage. This is the moment when nature tells us that the seemingly endless winter will soon be a fading memory. The long nights of January have already been overtaken by sunlight stretching into the evenings. Skaters are deserting iced-over ponds, while lawns of brown fringe are finally showing their first green patches.

These are the days when the natural world awakens, and our bodies can’t help but want to wake up with it. Just as animals come out from hibernation, most people find themselves becoming more active in the spring. If you’ve allowed the cold weather to slow you down, and you’ve spent the winter practicing to be a couch potato, this is a dangerous time. You want to run out into that new warm air, and do things you haven’t done since last fall. To do that you will need your muscles, ligaments, and loins to be as supple as they were then.

They’re not.

The most effective way to begin reconditioning these tissues is with a deep sensual massage. A sensual massage will expel toxins, ease tensions, dissolve stress, and stop pain before it starts. Getting one before your first spring workout will prepare your muscles for stretches and strains they haven’t experienced in awhile. If you prefer to get your massage after the workout, it will help loosen tight tissues and relax your whole system, greatly reducing the aches and pains of the next morning.

Even if you’ve maintained a complete exercise regimen through the winter, you should make sensual massage a regular part of your year-round fitness plan. Strenuous exercise is a necessity, but it always works better if it’s followed by the warmth of human touch. This is particularly true in these months when our bodies crave the natural ecstasies of Spring. What a perfect moment for the pleasures of a massage!


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