New Ways to Satisfy Your Sensual Cravings

Are you the man who’s feeling depressed, anxious, restless, or on edge? Do you feel as if all this time alone in your home or office is just too much (or too little)? Though we are all suffering from the frustrations of isolation in the same moment, social distancing dictates that physically we fight this battle alone.  

You might work, buy, or sell online, but what do you do when your virtual day is over? You can’t drive home. It might be awhile before you see the next happy hour or party. You can exercise, watch movies, or read, but these worthwhile activities leave your most intimate needs unsatisfied.  

In this sudden age of fevers and fears, where loneliness is a rule enforced by all, you will need someone to talk to—someone with whom you can share your most intimate thoughts. In times like these your thoughts may seem stressful and tense. What you need is a release that’s both physical and mental. You may need someone who can listen, then guide you past those lonely feelings to a lighter place—someone who reminds you that there are times to be naughty, and times to play. 

Sexy thoughts can lead to sexier conversation. With the right talk tickling his imagination, a man might find his way to satisfactions just sweet enough to bring deep, rejuvenating sleep. It’s one of the best ways to stay healthy and strong throughout the fight.  

During this difficult period I am offering my services as a Virtual Consultant on health matters involving tension and sexual frustration, as well as virtual therapies designed to relax you. We can meet via Skype, or simply over the phone. In our sessions I can help you dissolve your frustrations, and overcome those lonely feelings, replacing them with pleasure. If you want we can just review the best coping strategies, or I can help you release the building pressure in your loins.  

Skype sessions can happen through my Skype ID: hartfordbodywork, while payments in advance of each session are easy via PayPal, through this address:  I await your video or voice call, when I will simulate you to the peak of pleasure. 


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