Satisfying Your Whims and Desires

We live in difficult times, when men feel the full weight of responsibility, as well as stifling limits on their actions. Each of us is struggling to find his or her own “new normal.” In such an era a gentleman has every reason to feel the mounting stresses and strains of isolation, but no matter what changes come, paths to relief and pleasure are always there for he who looks.     

A safer world can still be a place where we unearth our desires, explore their mysteries, and discover old and secret satisfactions. Mundane precautions such as hand and body cleansing will become vital preparations for intimacy, as were the rituals of past priestesses of pleasure in their ancient temples. Even in this modern era of rigidly enforced loneliness, I can give a gentleman the comfort that can only be found in feminine touch.   

The long quarantine has been  hard on everyone, and we all have long-unanswered needs that must be fulfilled. For many gentlemen the primary need is a simple one: the subtle touch of a woman whose fingers are skilled in the soothing arts of passion and relaxation. If this has been missing from your life, please contact me. I am redesigning my intimate services to provide you with your choice of safe in-person meetings or virtual visits. My greatest enjoyment comes from my in-person meetings where gentlemen can treat themselves to my full body erotic massage.  

Though my availability has been limited, as we adjust to this new normal, I am strengthening existing hygienic protocols, and introducing others. This is all a part of the larger process of guaranteeing our safety, and ensuring our peace of mind.  

So when the stress seems overwhelming, and each day feels like a step toward desperation, allow yourself to indulge in the old/new normal of erotic pleasure and satisfaction. It will help you find real hope in tomorrow. 


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