Dressing Up To Strip Down

Dressing Up to Strip Down

Sometimes northern winters feel eternal. With the first frozen leafless mornings of November, we’re reminded of the grim remoteness of any trace of spring. As the holidays end, we face the coldest weeks of the new year, our resolutions already broken, as we resign ourselves to the drudgery of January. We endure February, then begin March impatiently watching for that first warm day—the one with spring on its lips, that reawakens our deepest desires.

When that first hopeful day is still four or five months away, are a man’s hottest passions simply sleeping? As any man can tell you, they’re not. As any man can tell you, they simmer beneath the surface, as ready and strong as they ever were. Freezing days and cold dark nights can’t stop a body’s strongest urges. As winter stretches on men search for new ways to fulfill these wants.
Despite the plummeting temperatures, in the winter I find a special enjoyment in helping men find sweet and sensual solace that keeps the cold at bay. Perhaps this is because I find the most pleasure in my work when my work provides the most pleasure. In our sessions I can ease your tensions, restore your energy, and give you that mental boost that comes from total physical satisfaction.

As this winter stretches on, I invite you to schedule a session, or multiple sessions, of passionate fulfillment to dissolve all lingering tensions left by winter’s icy grip. In a warm and generous environment, we will explore sensual solutions to every physical need. This fall I will be working in Hartford, Connecticut and Burlington, Vermont, where I invite discerning gentlemen to call me for more information about scheduling a session of sensual full body massage. You can reach me and leave voicemail at 1-203-295-4906.