Sensual Summer Days

Sensual summer days

In these last days of summer heat a man often loses his focus and clarity. Air shimmers above black asphalt, and the mind comes to a standstill. Everything, good and bad, is still there, but it all seems to be on hold. This long hot summer leaves a man weary, worried, and confused.

These are the “dog days” of summer, named for the dog star, Sirius. You can see it just above the eastern horizon in August’s pre-dawn sky. Though the star’s appearance marks the height of the year’s hottest season, it’s also a portent of cooler days ahead. Just as the air seems to catch fire, the days begin getting shorter, their lengthening shadows promising relief. This is when fertile fields begin yielding their bounty, and a season of plenty begins.

When summer’s dog days wear on a man’s mind and body, that’s when trained fingers, hands, and flesh can come to his rescue. I have spent much of my life learning the arts and secrets of sensual massage. I know the sensitive areas and sweet spots, and how to use sensual touch for maximum effect.

I will create an atmosphere for our meeting designed to put you at ease, and welcome you into a world of sensual pleasure. As our tryst unfolds I will stir your desires, awaken your passions, and take your body to the summit of sensual ecstasy. I will leave you with newfound energy and clarity, ready to face life’s challenges anew.

So if you find these dog days sapping your strength, muddling your thoughts, or draining your hopes for tomorrow, get in touch with me—today. Together we can heal your hurts, and shine a light on all the pleasures the world has to give us.