Unleash Your Inner Caveman

Unleash your inner caveman

Unleash your inner cavemanAs I wrote last month, many men are lost in a crisis of masculinity. When a man simply acts like a man, the critics carp. Too many men fall victim to this thinking, checking themselves with every word they say, and everything they do. This can lead to repressed passions, frayed nerves, and worse.

A man’s life shouldn’t be ruled by the fears of those around him. As long as you don’t inflict hurt on others, you should be able to say whatever words, do whatever deeds, and think whatever thoughts you want. Sometimes a man wants to act up, blow off steam, and have fun. This doesn’t need to be destructive.

You might unleash your “inner caveman” by hitting a baseball, pounding some nails, or working out in a gym. Or you might be the kind of guy who likes fighting with grizzly bears. But if you can’t find a batting cage, don’t want the gym, and there aren’t any grizzlies in your neighborhood, there are more pleasurable ways to sate your most primitive urges.

When we meet I will show you ways to let yourself go, release excess energy, and find the sources of your innermost passions. Ours will be a pleasure-filled journey where we explore our deepest instincts, unleash our animal urges, and reach heights neither of us could’ve imagined.

Ours will be a search for the deepest roots of our ecstasy. We will peel back the layers of proper behavior, revealing the most sensual aspects of our true nature. I will help you penetrate the core of all pleasurable sensations. Together we will satisfy the wild beast within, and as we finish our meeting, you will be prepared to face the civilized world, and maybe shake up its staid stability.