The Art of Sensual Anticipation

To get the best results from our massage session we combine surprise with anticipation. Surprises are the spice of life, but sweetness lies in the art of anticipation. This art includes three equal parts: expectations, patience, and imagination. Our expectations arouse our passions. Our patience allows us to channel those passions, extending our moments of rapture. Our imaginations help us find countless new routes through the lands of ecstasy. These three things combine to set a slow-burning fuse which sparks an explosion of pleasure. The idea behind the art of anticipation is simple: getting there is half the fun.

Our meeting begins with the first stirrings of anticipation. In our emails we might flirt, and exchange provocative banter. Once we meet, anticipation might shape our facial expressions, or we might convey it in our first fleeting touch. It could arise from the scent of perfume, or the feel of warm satin skin. Whatever its origins, anticipation allows us to stretch time to the limit, so we can take full advantage of every moment.

Far too often our need for physical satisfaction becomes desperate. Yearning for intimacy, we rush through preliminaries, ending in one moment of explosive passion. This often leaves us spent, yet not entirely satisfied. I want to give a gentleman more than that. Though I plan some parts of our meeting, my aim is to encourage spontaneity in ways that will surprise us both. We should take whatever time we need to probe the depths of each other’s passion. We will follow the path through its rich treasure of smaller pleasures. Starting at a leisurely pace, we will take our time, delving into our sources of sensual stimulation before reaching the peaks of ecstasy.

We all crave the elation that lies at the end of these explorations, but we should never ignore the art of anticipation. It is a road of short steps, each with a small, sweet pleasure all its own.  Let me be your guide.