Warming You Up With Life’s Sensual Pleasures…

Winter is the hardest season. The endless cold of winter nights often penetrates the soul, reminding us of Thoreau’s thought that too many men “lead lives of quiet desperation.” As the north winds blow, and rain turns to ice and snow, the world outside becomes a silent chill. That’s when we must seek solace in the warmth of indoor satisfactions.

When January closes its frozen fingers around you, the best warmth you will find is in a program of sensual massage. The first step is to shake off that icy grip, and come in from the cold. The second step is to place your body in the warm, skilled hands of a trained masseuse. When you call me in this coldest month, I know what you are after. You want warmth, followed by the heat of stimulation. You want to remember summer, with its days of sweet blossoms and steamy nights of passion. You dream of lighting fires, raising flames, and discovering new ecstasies.

I can help you find those fires. My sensual touch massages will awaken muscles you forgot were there. I will take you to the moment of discovery, and hold you there until you are ready to plunge into new worlds. I will guide you forward on the road to physical and emotional rebirth, tapping into the sources of your deepest desires. These pleasures and satisfactions will turn those wintry fingers into a warm caress of sexy, healing dreams.

When our meeting is done you will find that the fires we kindled have created a lasting flame. For days you will step lighter, and upon opening the door, that first slap of cold air won’t be so bad; it might even feel refreshing. The warmth of winter meals and conversations will return as the cold temperatures lose their power over you.

As these benefits recede, you may fall under winter’s dark thrall again, but you will know what to do. Through the cold months I will be only a call, text or email away. I will be waiting to rejuvenate you whenever you need it, until finally the days lengthen again, and the first bloom of Spring appears.