For Those Times When You Want To Beat Your Seasonal Blues…

As the temperature dips, and darker mornings are followed by ever earlier evenings, men often find their bodies fighting these changes. For many men these seasonal shifts are accompanied by new routines. Schedules change, expectations readjust, and sometimes we feel the effects through our entire lives—even in our closest relationships.

It’s a time of year that’s particularly hard on men. Most men like the freedom of warm weather. It’s a time when you can get outside, and test yourself. You can work outside, play outside, or take more pleasure in daily runs and other outdoor pursuits. The cold and darkness of autumn seem like the end of all that. This change can interrupt sleep cycles, shorten tempers, and even bring on a sense of hopelessness known as the “winter blues.” A doctor might simply refer to it as: depression.

We all get the blues sometimes. They come on like a cold, arriving as a vague feeling that something’s not right. If we let them, they will settle in, making our lives miserable, but we don’t have to. After all, a man can take action!

If you are a man who feels the cold grip of autumn, there are changes you can make to shake it off. It helps to have someone to talk to—someone who can listen, touch, and identify the physical and mental sources of pain—someone who can push that pain away, and replace it with pleasure.

The best way to do this is to schedule an appointment for a sensual tantric body massage. Call or email me, and we can set up a time. I will be ready and waiting to make your entire body feel special. As we locate the roots of your pain, we will go farther, and tap into your deepest pleasures. Through scent, sound, sight, taste, and, of course, sensual touch I will relieve your tensions, expel your pains, and show you how the stimulation of a massage can transform the cold weather into a season of ecstatic bliss.

I await your call.