Soothing Effects Designed With Your Sore, Tired Feet In Mind

Our feet are often the forgotten heroes in our day-to-day health regimens. Whenever we need them to support our bodies we expect them to be ready and on the job. In everything from long hikes up mountains to short walks to the car our feet help us conquer gravity and get from one place to another. We seldom give them a thought until something goes wrong. When that happens we suddenly realize all the things our feet do for us. They accept our restrictive shoes while we play, exercise, and pound them against concrete and asphalt. What’s really amazing is that they hold up as well as they do, but they need our help!

When our feet go out from under us, we suddenly face limited options. If we dig into the closet we might find a cane or crutches from a long-ago ankle sprain, but getting around will be painful even with these props. Often our pains are symptoms of an inflamed plantar fascia. This swelling sends searing fire up through your body every time you put your weight on it. No crutches or canes will cure it. You could sit back and wait for it to go away, and miss days or weeks of healthy life—or you could take action, and soon be back on your feet again.

I can help you reduce this inflammation, and prevent its recurrence through a regular program of ball rolling, or foot massage emphasizing the sole. As I work on the afflicted areas you will feel your tension ease, followed by relief, and a growing sense of wellbeing. My probing will ease the tightness in the muscles, then spread through the web of connective tissues that make up the fascia. A release in one area of those tissues will often trigger relief from head-to-toe.

If you suffer from sharp pains starting in your heels, or you just want relief from constantly aching feet, I hope you will call me. Then I can help you replace those pains with pleasure.