A Subliminal Box Of Sensual Desires

We all love a surprise now and then: waking up to a lover’s special gift, or opening a door to sudden shouts celebrating our arrival. A personal surprise is often the best, especially when it comes from the friend who knows our tastes, the chef who knows our palate, or the lover who knows all of our deepest pleasures.

As a skilled masseuse, I learn the ways of your body through my own. I connect with you through my fingertips, hands, and all of my physical being, using my unique experience to help you open life’s sweetly subliminal box of sensual desires. I am there for you, clearing the pathways of your body so that you can find life’s deepest satisfactions. As I discover all of your body’s ecstatic secrets, I reveal them, one-by-one, until suddenly I let them burst forth in a climactic flood of sensual power.

In the end you will find your desires are completely satisfied, as a deep pleasure infuses every bone, muscle, and tissue. This is the moment when all is right, when the soul is well-rested, and the body is ready for whatever may lie ahead. You go out into the world again, replenished, and ready to conquer.

As we approach your massage, we set this sensual satisfaction as our goal. Starting with my fingertips, I will reach deep, and welcome you to this world of flesh and touch. There we will explore moments, places, and possibilities. There we will probe pleasure’s vast and undiscovered lands, and open every last box of sensual desires. Join me, won’t you? It is well worth the visit.