End of Summer. Fall’s Upon Us

As summer ends, the change in seasons enlivens all of our senses. The moist embrace of summer heat fades, replaced by the bright crackling of autumn leaves beneath our feet. Crisp, clear nights follow days that seem tailor-made for cool walks in the park.

Fall brings thoughts of my return to school, where I will once again study nursing. The course work is hard, but I know the secret to balancing my schoolwork with sensual relaxation. I’m an expert at that. After days and nights of rigorous study, there’s nothing I love more than a meeting with a mature, intelligent, sexy man for a session of deep, relaxing, erotic massage.

I’m trained in many kinds of sensual massage, but as evenings grow cooler, I often find a gentleman will best respond to a full body-to-body experience. It’s a method that stimulates every center of pleasure. I often accent these arousals with scented oils, soothing music, and erotic probing of every source of ecstasy. In this type of massage I will use my whole body to soothe frayed nerves, relax tense muscles, and dissolve all pain. I will bring your flesh to a point where every nerve ending receives nothing but erotic pleasure. You come away from this refreshed, focused, and ready to meet the bursting colors of autumn.

As the first logs of fall blaze in the fireplace, our meeting starts at the slow, luxurious pace of eternal summer, then gives way to the urgent spark of sensual stimulation. As flames burn down, we finish, relaxed, satisfied, and ready for the autumnal beauty just outside our door. It is a season meant for savoring.