Heating Things Up – Temperature’s Rising or is it Something Else?

It’s that time of year when temperatures rise, weakening all inhibitions. This is when New England finally gets a couple of months of weather not so unlike what I knew growing up in the tropics—a summer of sexy heat!

Because it’s so fleeting, the heat is different here. Our long winters offer romantic evenings of erotic play by the fire, but outside there’s nothing but ice and cold. That’s why the first summer heat is like an explosion of sensual and sexual liberation. Now we can go outdoors with practically no clothes on. Now we can lie back with the windows open, and feel the warm fingertips of night breeze whispering across our skin. No longer do we feel the need to turn up the thermostat; now the heat is everywhere!

Summer reminds me that summer clothes are mostly adornments designed for enticement. In the warm weather we shed our clothing so easily, transforming our temptations into pleasures. Even more than the change of clothes, there’s the change of styles. In the winter my massaging fingers probe into your fiery depths. I consciously heat both of our bodies, then I allow our instincts to do the rest. A summer massage involves a lighter touch, yet stimulates intimate sensations from the deepest wells of pure ecstasy. Pleasure is easier to maintain, giving us the options of lazy afternoons, languid evenings, and sweet, sultry satisfactions. This is when we shed all icy inhibitions, and give ourselves over to our hottest dreams.

As the summer stretches endlessly before me, I wait for your call. As the temperature rises, so does my desire.