Reggae Massage – Cool Down While Heating Things Up!

If you’ve read my website you know that I grew up in West Indies. I came here, attracted to America’s culture and people, but I still embrace certain aspects of my native country. I love to bring the exotic rhythms and songs of my birthplace into my practice of erotic massage.

So I have developed what I call: Reggae massage. You’ve heard the music. Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh and their successors are known throughout the world for the sensuous pleasures they convey in their songs. You may know something of the Reggae culture. It celebrates an ideal of freedom for mind, spirit, and body. In Reggae massage I apply that ideal to the erotic art of sensual touch, allowing it to infuse and inspire my body.

Our session of Reggae massage might start with something as simple as opening a bottle of ice-cold Red Stripe beer. Early on we will touch, and I will bring the sweet beginnings of tropical eroticism to our meeting. I might follow this by performing an exotic dance—a striptease, if you will. I will entice, seduce, and embrace you and your desires.

Together we will perform the ancient movements of sensual and sexual arousal. We will stimulate each other’s senses, taking our bodies to the heights of pleasure, and ultimate satisfaction.

As our song ends, we will know sweet serenity. There will be nothing left to say.