Give Them the Goosebumps They Deserve! Expectations and Their Follies

Expectations begin and end with you. We all know what we want from a massage, and we all have pre-conceived notions of how it will look, feel, sound, taste and smell. Each of us imagines something different. Your picture might start with the calming scents of oils; someone else’s could begin with the touch of satiny skin. Neither is right, neither is wrong. Every massage takes its own path. Though we can’t avoid expectations, we don’t have to be slaves to them. Expectations imprison us within their limits. When we know exactly what we’re going to get, often that’s all we accept. Any new parts of the experience will pass right by us.

We should always remember that our best experiences begin with something new. If we expect something, we gain satisfaction only when our expectations are met; when we expect nothing, the only thing that satisfy us is quality.

When performing the arts of sensual massage, one of my first jobs is to help you let go of your pre-conceived notions. I might fill the air with scents that surprise and arouse you. My fingertips will probe until I find pleasure centers you never knew were there. My body will lead yours in an erotic exploration of ecstasies that neither of us has ever experienced. Together we will stretch all boundaries, finding positions and sensual combinations unique to each moment.

No two massages are the same. If your last experience was good, this one has the potential to be great. If you come in looking for extreme stimulation, you might leave in a calm state of totally sated desires. The one justifiable expectation is pleasure. You seek it, and I know ways to find it. You want to feel every tingle and stirring, every pressure, and every arousal. You want the touch that builds, expands, and bursts into pure satisfaction. Within the world of sensual massage you want it all. That’s what I’m here for.

In the end, expectation is never more than a hazy image of what might be. It’s the reality we create together that matters. That’s where anticipation fades, replaced by the erotic truth of desire and ecstasy.