Tantric Touch – Unveiling the Hedonist in You!

All of us wear masks without even knowing it. From the moment we gaze into our morning mirror, to the instant our head hits the pillow, we constantly change our disguises to fit our changing circumstances. With our lovers we always want to appear to be sexy, sensual, and sensitive. At work we strive to seem competent. With our friends we try to be smarter, funnier, and more in control than we normally are. With strangers we want to seem approachable, but all-knowing. Our masks shield us from danger, but they can also hide our passions so well that we forget they are even there.

Tantra is a way to take off the masks. We may not know what lies beneath, but when our inner selves are revealed through tantric touch, we know we will find fascination, excitement, and sensuality. A respectable businessman might discover his inner hedonist. A pillar of the community unveils the pleasure-seeker within. The only guarantees are that we will get surprises, and, if we allow them too, those surprises will lead us into ecstatic places we never dreamed existed.

When we meet for a session of tantric massage, I am like a weaver in a fantasy, creating and refining images, then translating those images into erotic feelings. I reach into the core of your being, and touch the heart of sensual passions. Then together we soar into worlds of rapture, and ultimate satisfaction.

In life’s intricate tapestry we are all connected. Tantric touch reveals our connections, leaving us sated, yet ready to face world. I want our time together to be unique—something we will both remember always. If I can use the arts of tantric massage to help you become more fully what you truly are, then, for one timeless moment, we will both experience the naked, erotic selves that live beneath all of our masks. Such a moment is worth everything! Join me, and you will see.