Just Plain Sexy! – A Secret Meant Only For You

I meet with only gentlemen like you. Every experience we have together has its own unique mysteries. When I meet you, our time together will have moments of ecstatic pleasure we will never forget.

Those moments are ours, and ours only. We may talk about them to our closest confidants, but even then we might hold back something of the essence. In part this is because these are experiences that can’t be put into words. But it’s also because keeping some things private makes them more completely our own.

It’s my hope that any gentleman I meet will feel this way too. I realize there are websites dedicated to reviews of these things, and there is always the urge to express thoughts, and hear comments of others. It’s just that my feelings, and my most intimate desires are things I don’t reveal to everyone. I only want share them with those gentlemen who understand how private sensuality should be—tactful, intelligent men who know: the more secret the tryst, the greater the pleasure.

If you’re still reading—if you’re not turned off by my urge for romantic mystery—then you are probably the kind of gentleman I’d like to meet. You are the one who understands how special a private moment can be. You know what it is to treasure the ecstasy of a unique, unrepeatable experience. And you instinctively know that when it comes to the special connection between us, what we do in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom.